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Web Design & Development, Custom Backend Programming, Custom User Registration Programming System

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Professional Services

Linking your present with your future

Recently, the two “sides”, the two hemispheres of Vatra’s brain, its more technical aspect and its more creative one, poured together their energies and finest properties into bringing to market a unique project. A project that through the developing phase and its inherent ambition, became quite dear to us.

The newborn of this union of code and design is called TalentsLink. TalentsLink is a platform that helps talented individuals find their ideal workplace, and vice versa aids companies in finding the right candidates to join them in their journey. To witness such a thing happen regularly, it truly fills our hearts with joy knowing that we have made a significant contribution to the making of TalentsLink.

For this project, Vatra was approached by IMAA (Innovation Management Academy Albania – under whose umbrella TalentsLink falls) with the support of RECONOMY. The two main objectives of the task at hand were clear. One, to design a modern, seamless, easy-to-navigate, and instructive site, and two, to build a powerful and resilient system that manages all behind-the-scenes; data, preferences, and other indicators.

The magic of TalentsLink, what makes it special, is that for each talent a thorough analysis is conducted to match them with the best possible organization, and likewise, each company’s needs and requirements for their ideal candidates are heard and closely met. Pathcode, Vatra’s development team of pointers, did sensational work on designing the system’s infrastructure and setting it into motion.

As of the time of writing this piece, TalentsLink is helping hundreds of individuals and companies link their present with their future, and step by step reshape a core element of our lives.

Working with Vatra and its creative team was without doubt a true pleasure. We came to them with a list of all the features we wanted to see in the final product, and they delivered! Now we’ve got a site that is responsive, easy-to-use and perfectly set to fulfil its mission.

Fabiola DuroFounder of IMAA